Omer Ilksen Akcil/1974

When people come to see my works, they have different expectations; I am trying to show them what they think they see might not exist, I mean invisible, like the feelings, thoughts.I am always trying to make them feel what I am trying to capture. Why? I say that the things that I am trying to capture don’t exist, because every human being is creating his own truth.Where does their truth come from? It comes from their own subjective experimentations, where they grow up, their education…etc. I chose my path as an artist on the simple question “Are we real”, and I ask them the question in a provocative way with, painting and photography.

Since when I was a child  trying to express myself, all my emotions with painting always had really deep connection with my soul, The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself.  Had challenge is to silence the mind while painting. There are too many games people play in a world that is constantly stealing attention away from the things we truly care about. My mission was to be apart from all these illusions  that I perceive. I don’t think I have to consciously think of what I will creat, if I see the end scene and believe it’s true and I am painting what I feel because just imagination is my reality.